March 31, 2020

Are you doing everything you can to stop the spread?

Hint: Are you washing your face?

The New Normal

At TropicSport, we’re right there with you. We’re open for business while trying to do our part - working from home and practicing social distancing when we go outside to exercise. 

What's the Big Idea?

I recently heard a comment from a local non-profit, “90% of the solutions are found within our own community.” While by no means am I an expert, TropicSport does have a skincare expert in our Chief Science Officer. He and I talked about good common-sense practices that might help protect you and your family during the coronavirus and beyond. 

Wash your face more regularly

Guy with Dog Cone Covid-19 coronavirusWhy?

We’ve all heard to “wash our hands and not touch our face” right?  – we’ve seen the memes of people telling us that and then immediately after, they touch their face.  While it can make us chuckle- it’s no laughing matter.  

We can’t contract the virus through our skin on our hands or body, it has to come in contact with mucous membranes like eyes, nose, and mouth to enter the body.

Why washing your face can help stop the spread:

Washing your face regularly can also help prevent disease by washing away dirt, bacteria, and germs that arrive on our face because we can’t help but not touch our face.

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    It’s almost impossible to “not” touch our face. Our TropicSport Chief Scientific Officer shared with me a revealing behavioral research study published by the University of New South Wales. The study offers evidence suggesting it’s virtually impossible to “not touch our faces” – it’s like a reflex. Those memes are right.  On average, the study group touched their face 23 times an hour, that’s close to every couple of seconds. The researchers also reported that of all the face touches, 44% involved mucous membranes which means the mouth, eyes, or nose. So germs can easily go from our fingers to our eyes, nose, and mouth and enter the body.  It just happens, we can’t help it.   For the record, my wife is constantly telling me not to touch my face. I am relieved to hear I am actually normal. 😊

    Also, it’s been stated that men are contracting and dying from COVID-19 at significantly higher rates than women, could it be that men are less likely to regularly wash their face? We don’t know, and who is to say.  This disease is not gender-specific, yet men seem to be more vulnerable.

    Key takeaways for all men, women, and children:

    • Wash Your Hands - Easy
    • Don’t Touch Your Face - Good Luck!
    • Wash Your Face Regularly - Easy

    We’re a bit ahead of the curve on this idea, but it’s just common sense. We believe you’ll start seeing more and more of this “wash your face” messaging soon.  


    Washing your face just feels good, it’s great “self-care” – relaxing and invigorating.

    Bet you didn’t know that our cleanser works great as a hand cleanser – one-stop cleanse.

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