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Gerry Lopez’s Favorite Sunscreen Products


Every surfer has their favorite products to protect their skin during long days in the sun and water. Check out Gerry Lopez’s Favorite Sunscreen Products to get sun protection built for every adventure. Tough enough for extreme sports, but gentle enough for daily use.


Few things are more important to surfers than the right sun protection. Long hours in the water can be brutal on your skin if you aren’t prepared with a quality sunscreen that will last, even when wet. It’s also important to use reef-safe products that won’t harm the marine life and coral reefs in the ocean. Check out the lineup of amazing and reliableskincare products below. If you don’t believe us, just ask legendary surfer Gerry Lopez about his favorites.

SPF 30 - 1.5 oz

This TropicSport SPF 30 sunscreen is reef-friendly so you can still enjoy the sun without hurting reefs with harsh chemicals. It also comes equipped with a convenient clip to attach to your backpack or beach bag so you’ll never find yourself unprepared. Our SPF 30 Sunscreen has also passed the US 80-minute water test as well as the Australia 4-hour water test. Plus, it includes moisturizing tropical oils, so it leaves your skin feeling fresh and hydrated.

SPF 30 - Face Stick

The TropicSport Face Stick is super easy to apply. Simply rub the stick on your face and blend with your fingers. This formula goes on smooth and won’t sting your eyes—plus it is fragrance-free!

SPF 15 - Lip Balm

When protecting your face and body from the sun, don’t forget your lips! Your lips are also susceptible to sun damage and sunburn, so always carry lip balm with a minimum of SPF 15. Our TropicSport Lip Balm contains vitamins and tropical oils for the ultimate moisturizing experience and has a yummy coconut scent.

Facial Moisturizer - 1.5 oz

Frequent exposure to sun and saltwater can quickly dry out your skin, so make sure to include a good moisturizer in your skincare regimen. TropicSport Facial Moisturizer is made with tropical oils, aloe, and vitamin E to keep your skin looking and feeling its best.

Facial Cleanser - 1.5 oz

TropicSport Facial Cleanser is soap-free and extra gentle and made with natural ingredients that remove sunscreen, sand, and saltwater (among other things) from your skin. It pairs well with our TropicSport Facial Moisturizer for smooth and beautiful skin.


  • Made with Natural Ingredients
  • Made with Natural Minerals
  • No Chemical Active Ingredients
  • Environmentally-Friendly, Reef-Friendly formula
  • Avobenzone, Oxybenzone, and Octinoxate-Free
  • Tropical Essential Oils Hydrate and Moisturize Skin
  • Broad Spectrum SPF
  • Non-Nano Zinc Sunscreen
  • Meets U.S. FDA 80-min and Australian 240-min Water Resistance Tests 

Get Your Own Bundle of Favorites

All of TropicSport’s sunscreen and skincare products are made with natural mineral ingredients, which means you’ll never see harmful chemical ingredients like avobenzone on our labels. We care about you and the aquatic life in our oceans, so we make sure none of our products are harmful to your skin or coral reefs. Learn more about our products and how to choose the right mineral sunscreens from TropicSport


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Awesome product

I purchased the Gerry Lopez package that had face cleanser, face moisturizer, and SPF 30 sunscreen. I’ve had and used them for the last two or three weeks and have absolutely no complaints. It smells great, works great, and the sunscreen doesn’t burn your eyes when in the water. I surf everyday and use this stuff everyday. I will continue to use this great product. Super psyched!

Sunburn free

Got an email offering a discount so I decided to purchase the Gerry Lopez favs package for my surf trip to Mexico. Glad I did. TropicSport protected me from sunburn even in the HOT Mexican weather.