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    • We prefer images associated with water - surfing, swimming, or skiing (ok, so water-y images)
    • How TropicSport ties into your outdoor lifestyle (why it’s important that you wear sunscreen)
    • Suncare facts & importance for you to wear sunscreen everyday
    • Protecting the planet & our oceans (TropicSport is reef-friendly)
    • Why you love the brand/product (long lasting, doesn’t run into eyes, reef-friendly)
    • Your daily routine (prep for a day of surfing, never leave the house without TropicSport)
    • Traveling with TropicSport

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The TropicSport Difference

  • TropicSport is a mineral based reef-friendly sunscreen
  • Protecting your skin and the environment is our number one priority
  • Does not run into your eyes or sting
  • Does not contain Oxybenzone or Octinoxate
  • TropicSport sunscreen lotions meet the US 80-minute and Australian 4-hour (240 minute) water resistance tests
  • Broad spectrum sunscreen that protects you from harmful UVA and UVB rays
  • Reef-friendly without harsh active chemical ingredients.
  • Contains tropical essential oils and vitamins to create a moisturizing lotion
  • Company is committed to caring for your skin, caring for our environment and giving back to like-minded organizations
  • No harsh active chemicals that harm our bodies and the planet

March and April Toolkit


From March 20th - March 31st we're giving away product daily AND we have a grand prize 3/31...surfing legend Gerry Lopez's surfboards!

Contest: Share your best ideas of how we can maintain #socialdistancing and get outdoors. What do you want to do when you hit the water? Show us in pictures & video!





1 GRAND PRIZE winner will receive a quiver (3 to be exact) of Gerry Lopez Surftech surfboards @gerrylopezsurfboards
AND the TropicSport Ultimate Bundle, literally 1 of every sunscreen and skin care product we make


DAILY WINNERS: By participating, you have a chance to win in a random daily drawing from each day’s posts. Winners will get a TropicSport Bundle including extreme sunscreen and nourishing skin care products.

How to Enter

Like this post & follow @tropicsport

1 Entry - Tag a friend in the comments
3 Entries - Add this post to your story & tag us
10 Entries - Create/share your own post or story of your #socialdistancing #surfing, #beach #ocean - and tag us @tropicsport

Important Event

All Month : Spring Break


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