Eco-Friendly Sunscreen in a First-of-it's-Kind Recyclable Aluminum Tube

Introducing TropicSport Reef-Friendly Sunscreen - a revolutionary eco-conscious sunscreen and aluminum tube that can be completely recycled and is safe for you and our oceans. When done, recycle it just like you do aluminum cans.

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Mineral Based. No Oxybenzone.

A natural product that meets the highest quality safety standards worldwide.

TropicSport Sunscreen is Reef Friendly
TropicSport Sunscreen Stays on for up to 4 Hours in the water
TropicSport Does Not Enter the Bloodstream

Eco-Friendly Design


Why Aluminum is Better than Plastic

Plastic Aluminum

400 Million Tons of Plastic are Produced Each Year. (source)

132 Million Tons of Aluminum are Produced Each Year (source)

8 Million metric tons of plastic ends up in the ocean every year. (source)

Nearly 75% of all aluminum produced in the U.S. is still in use today. (source)

Only 8.4% of plastic gets recycled (source)

90% of aluminum is recycled (source)

3% - 10%

3% - 10% of new plastic products contain recycled plastics. Unusable plastics are landfilled or end up in the ocean. (source)


70%+ of new aluminum products contain recycled aluminum. There is little to no waste. (source)

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