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the world's most effective mineral sunscreen


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with the world's most effective mineral sunscreen.


Mineral Based. No Toxic Chemicals.

No Oxybenzone, Octinoxate, Avobenzone or Parabens


Doesn't Enter Your Bloodstream

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TropicSport 4 Hour Water Resistance

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Reef Safe & Eco-Friendly

TropicSport is free of Oxybenzone, Octinoxate, Avobenzone, and Parabens. It is made with non-nano Zinc-Oxide and Titanium-Dioxide. We've also designed our bottles to be recyclable to reduce plastic waste and protect our planet.

World's First Aluminum Packaged Sunscreen

TropicSport's aluminum packaged sunscreen is the first of its kind and is non-toxic to humans and the environment. So, take one small step to save the planet and buy TropicSport sunscreen now. Help us sell through our current stocks and start selling our new eco-friendly aluminum ASAP!

Please recycle our packaging!

Goes on Smooth, Rubs in Clear 

TropicSport is mineral based but it doesn’t seem mineral. You’ll notice immediately how smooth and weightless it feels on your skin. It doesn't clump when you apply and it rubs in very nicely. TropicSport's unique formula is easy to apply and doesn't leave any white streaks. Once you try TropicSport you will notice a big difference!

A little goes a long way!

Everyday Hardcore Protection

Tired of irritating chemicals dripping into your eyes when you sweat? Search no further. TropicSport won’t melt off your face. It is made from natural ingredients so it is gentle enough for every day use and is resistant to sweat, salt water, wind, and whatever else you throw its way.



Kid-Safe, Naturally!

TropicSport doesn’t contain harmful chemicals and is kid-safe for children 6 months and older. It is made with natural ingredients like Tucuma Butter and Aloe which enhance the body's natural defenses.

Lasts 3X Longer

Because of our Australian heritage, TropicSport has been tested and passed the Australian 240-min water resistance test. So, TropicSport lasts 3X longer than other brands, for up to 4 hours* of safe protection. An eco-friendly formula combined with added sun protection makes the total value that TropicSport provides incredible!

*TropicSport meets both the U.S. 80-minute & AU 240-minute water resistance tests.

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- Lasts 3x Longer

- Passes both the U.S. 80-min & Australian 240-min water resistance tests

- Reef Safe & Eco-Friendly

- Safe for Skin. No Oxybenzone

People Love TropicSport

Fair Skinned?

“I used every sunscreen under the sun...This is the best stuff I’ve ever used...That’s saying a lot for, you know, an Irish, freckled, redhead.”

-Cheyne Magnusson


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