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Watch how TropicSport sunscreen is a total game changer for athletes and the everyday active. Up to 4 hours of intense protection. TropicSport passes both the U.S. 80-minute & AU 240-minute water resistance tests. In sun, sweat, or saltwater.

Used by pro-athletes all over the world!


Mineral Based. No Oxybenzone.

A natural product that meets the highest quality safety standards worldwide.



Fair Skinned?

“I used every sunscreen under the sun...This is the best stuff I’ve ever used...That’s saying a lot for, you know, an Irish, freckled, redhead.”

-Cheyne Magnusson

Sunscreen as Hardcore as You

Want to find the perfect Sunscreen with natural ingredients? Tired of irritating chemicals dripping into your eyes when you sweat? Search no further. TropicSport won’t melt off your face. It is made from natural ingredients and is resistant to sweat, salt water, wind, and whatever else you throw its way.

World Surf League TropicSport Official Sunscreen

Reef Safe & Eco

TropicSport is Oxybenzone-Free, Octinoxate-Free, Avobenzone-Free and Paraben Free. It is made with Tucuma Butter and Aloe. We've also designed our bottles to be recyclable to reduce plastic waste and protect our planet.

Up to 4 Hours* of Hardcore Protection

A whopping 240 minutes of UV protection is almost unheard of in the natural skincare market. Most sunscreens are tested to last only 80 minutes; and to be honest, who consistently reapplies? When you are active you don’t want to have to remember to reapply. TropicSport’s protection is second to none and will be there for you when you need it most.

*TropicSport meets both the U.S. 80-minute & AU 240-minute water resistance tests.

Save Money: Lasts 3X Longer

Because of our Australian heritage TropicSport has been tested and passed the Australian 240-min water resistance test. Therefore TropicSport lasts 3 times longer than most other brands. Combined with that the added protection and avoiding skin damage, the total value that TropicSport provides is incredible!

Kid-Friendly & Safe

TropicSport doesn’t have any harmful chemicals and is Kid-Friendly for children 6 months and older.

Extra Smooth Application

TropicSport is mineral based but it doesn’t seem mineral. You’ll notice immediately how smooth and weightless it feels on your skin. It doesn't clump up when you apply and it rubs in very nicely. TropicSport's unique formula is easy to apply and doesn't leave any white streaks. Once you try TropicSport you will notice a big difference!

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- Lasts 3x Longer

- Passes both the U.S. 80-min & Australian 240-min water resistance tests

- Reef Safe & Eco-Friendly

- Safe for Skin. No Oxybenzone

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