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9 Pack SPF 30 Facestick

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Crew Pack of SPF 30 Facestick in Easy to Open Stick

TropicSport is a silky smooth mineral sunscreen that absorbs fully into your skin, leaving no white residue or "ghosting." TropicSport passes the FDA 80-minute and the Australian 4-HOUR water resistance test - one of only two on the US market that does so.


Our sunscreen is truly reef-friendly as it does NOT contain Oxybenzone, Octinoxate, Octocrylene or Avobenzone. We contain only non-nano Zinc and Titanium dioxide to ensure the safety of the Oceans' reefs. Our sunscreen will NOT go past the physical barrier of your skin and enter your bloodstream. We are extremely proud of our sunscreens #2 ranking with the EWG.

Customer Reviews

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Sport stick and lip balm

Amazing - works like a charm!

Wanted to love this but...

Okay. I wanted to love this product so badly! I took the spf 30 to Cancun because having sunscreen that was reef friendly was very important to me. I knew at the first use that this sunscreen wasn't my cup of tea.
Cons - thick consistency that's *so* difficult to apply, leaves your hands and body feeling sticky, immediately turned where I had applied white and rubbed off once I got in the water (especially on my face but not sure if user error but it happened regardless).
Pros - seemed to protect from the sun pretty well?

Honestly, wouldn't buy again unless they reformulated and made it thinner so it was easier to apply. I can look past the other negatives if that part were changed. I normally don't mind sunscreen (I'm pale and have lots of tattoos -comes with the territory) but hated when I had to put this on before going out anywhere on my vacation.

Great product

Feels good on your skin and really does the job protecting you!


Facestick SPF 30

Love that it is safe for our reefs!

Goes on clear but stays a little tacky - which I like. I just went on a 1.0 mile walk with my son then went on a 3 mile run - it was still working. I live in Hawaii and you SWEAT when you workout - that is why I like it to be a little tacky - I know it is still there protecting me!