9 Pack SPF 30 Facestick

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Crew Pack of SPF 30 Facestick in Easy to Open Stick

TropicSport is a silky smooth mineral sunscreen that absorbs fully into your skin, leaving no white residue or "ghosting." TropicSport passes the FDA 80-minute and the Australian 4-HOUR water resistance test - one of only two on the US market that does so.


Our sunscreen is truly reef-friendly as it does NOT contain Oxybenzone, Octinoxate, Octocrylene or Avobenzone. We contain only non-nano Zinc and Titanium dioxide to ensure the safety of the Oceans' reefs. Our sunscreen will NOT go past the physical barrier of your skin and enter your bloodstream. We are extremely proud of our sunscreens #2 ranking with the EWG.

Customer Reviews

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Really good sunscreen, has a longer a better duration. It is friendly with the ecosystem. Personally for me you’ve won a lifetime customer.

Thank you Juan for the feedback! We've worked hard to formulate our sunscreens and it's comments like this that makes it worth it.
Easy Application

Spreads easily and doesn’t feel greasy even after several hours on a bike.

A little goes a long way

I found out quickly how effective Tropicsport is. My first application was too heavy. Figured it out quickly, only a small amount is needed and it lasts a long time. The bottle will last me a long time, also does not need to be applied as often as others, not to mention environmental friendly. Glad I discovered it, would highly recommend. I go to the dermatologist every 3 months, just what I have been looking for. Very happy!

Great sunscreen!

The face stick stays on well and doesn’t get into our eyes when we sweat or get wet. The liquid sunscreen is great too. A little bit goes a long way. It spreads so easily. And I feel really comfortable using this on my 1.5 year old son. And so glad it is reed safe too! Definitely worth the price tag. We’re very happy!

Best sunscreen ever!

I’ve been trying all kinds of mineral based, clean sunscreens and most go on thick and white. Seriously, who wants to look ‘extra white’ and chalky when out enjoying the sunshine? Not me! Tropicsport popped up in my Facebook feed and of course I was skeptical. I decided to email the company directly and ask specific questions about how it applies and whether I could use it on my face. Customer service was excellent and we traded several emails about the product. And, they guarantee satisfaction so I kind of had nothing to lose. I’m happy to report that this brand really is as fantastic as they claim. It goes on easily and clean. I sometimes have a little white showing when I apply it to an area that’s extra dry but it rubs in quite well. And, I use the lotion on my face and I love it! Not oily and washes off great when I’m ready. The best part is that it really does last. I’m in the sun a lot and can attest to the long efficacy. I just purchased my second bottle and the lippie. These guys are doing great things for humans and the environment and they’re making a high quality product. Read their website as it’s incredibly educational. Love love love it!