Facial Cleanser



  1. TropicSport Facial Cleanser is made with natural ingredients and gently, but effectively removes sunscreen, salt, sand, and chlorine from your face. The cleaners is soap and oil-free so it leaves no residue. Like all TropicSport skincare products, our facial cleanser is cruelty-free and eco-friendly, with no harsh chemicals. We use nourishing mineral ingredients to ensure your face is left feeling fresh and revitalized. TropicSport Facial Cleanser is clinically proven for skin rehydration and is proven to prevent the appearance of dry skin.

    Who Is TropicSport Facial Cleanser Best For?

    Anyone can useTropicSport Facial Cleanser because it is strong enough for a deep clean, but gentle enough for even sensitive skin and everyday use. It is a great product for athletes, especially surfers and swimmers because it gets rid of sunscreen and chlorine along with anything else that has accumulated throughout the day. Our facial cleanser provides satisfying cleanliness without drying out your skin or harming the environment. 


    Why We Love It

    TropicSport Facial Cleanser is clinically proven for skin rehydration and is proven to prevent the appearance of dry skin. Facial cleansers can also leave behind unwanted residue. Our oil-free facial cleanser rinses completely clean, never leaving behind a greasy, oily film. In addition to providing a refreshed and clean face, TropicSport Facial Cleanser is a favorite among users because it smells fantastic! The1.5 oz facial cleanseris the perfect size to take with you to the beach, pool, or gym. This product is safe to use on your skin before swimming in the ocean because it won’t damage coral reefs or marine life. It also comes in a recyclable bottle to reduce plastic waste.

    Try These Together!

    TropicSport Facial Cleanser can be used on its own but also pairs well with these other great products. Get amazing results when you combine the facial cleanser with our facial moisturizer, sunscreen, and lip balm. Try them all for less with ourFacial Kit, orget each one separately.




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Great product. Just wish there was more of it.

Love the product. Don't love the tiny bottle as much.

I love these products

I’ve been using the sunscreen, facial wash and facial moisturizer. I love the fragrance and the ease of covering my skin. I’ve used several different skin care products over the last few years and I’m so happy to have seen Tropic Sport at my grandson’s water polo game! I have a request. I’d like the facial cleanser and moisturizer in a bit larger size.


Facial Cleanser


I love love this sunscreen! I works and I feel protected and know I'm not harming our oceans even when I take a shower

Fantastic cleanser

I love this cleanser...how bout putting it in a larger bottle?? 6.7 oz or better yet 32 ozs.

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