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April 22, 2022

TropicSport Pro Team: Jaden Reichl

Professional Wakeboarder

On the heals of a Junior Nationals Title in 2021, Jaden Reichl is beginning his professional wakeboarding career. As one of the most talented young riders out there, Jaden will be making waves in the competitive wakeboard scene and expanding an already impressive resume in 2022. Outside of competition, Jaden puts his endless talent and big personality to use in some wild highlight reels, concise how-to videos, and some plain ole' entertaining content.

At 19 years old, Jaden's resume outside of watersports is equally impressive. He co-founded an insurance assistance company, works in commercial storm restoration, coaches and manages social media. Jaden placed first in Nationals for wrestling and trains in Brazillian jujitsu. A passion for helping people will likely lead Jaden into the realms of coaching and sports psychology after his competitive career.

Check him out on social:

Instagram @jadenreichl


Willy Bemiss
Willy Bemiss

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