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January 22, 2020

Common Sunscreen Ingredients Exceed Safety Threshold

The results of a 2019 pilot study showing the potentially harmful effects of active chemical sunscreens by the FDA was confirmed by a new report published in the journal JAMA. The four day study used 48 participants to test the blood content levels of six commonly used ingredients in active-chemical sunscreens (note: none of the chemicals tested are present in any TropicSport product).

How the FDA Tested

The tested group applied sunscreen on 75% of their bodies the first day. On the second through fourth day they applied the same amount four times throughout the day.

The concentration of the six chemicals in the blood increased each day of application. The test found chemicals remained above FDA safety levels (0.5 nanograms per milliliter of blood) at day seven, well after the four day test concluded. Most alarming was two of the chemicals (homosalate and oxybenzone) were still above safety thresholds at day 21.

The safety threshold set by the FDA recommends that products be tested for safety. All six ingredients exceeded the safety threshold.

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News Coverage of the FDA Announcement

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The Solution is a No Compromise Mineral Sunscreen

People concerned about these chemicals and who want a permanent solution now, TropicSport provides a compelling answer. TropicSport mineral sunscreens do not contain the chemicals avobenzone, oxybenzone, octocrylene, homosalate, octisalate or octinoxateare. The "ghostly" white that is often associated with mineral sunscreens does not happen with TropicSport sunscreens because we worked hard to formulate it that way.

The FDA stresses that people should not abandon sunscreens due to this new information. We believe there is a perfect alternative to active chemical sunscreens and it's TropicSport's mineral sunscreens. Try a mineral sunscreen if you haven't used one yet. We suggest you purchase one of our SPF 30 sunscreens. Put a light coat on your skin and experience what having a high quality mineral sunscreen is like. We believe you will love it.

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Damon Didier
Damon Didier

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