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August 16, 2018

We kicked off Back-to-School season in San Diego in an epic way!  On August 10th, TropicSport partnered with The Rock Church surf group and the famous Windansea Surf Club for a morning filled with surf lessons benefiting children of homeless families residing at the St. Vincent De Paul homeless shelter. This shelter takes in families who need a home as well as schooling for the children. Their commitment to help our communities is boundless and TropicSport wanted to help!

The morning was full of excitement, joy and laughter by all the children. Most of the children have never had the opportunity to spend time at the beach let alone use a surfboard. The enthusiasm was infectious and a positive experience to all the kids who were able to attend. Each one of them received a backpack filled with t-shirts, hats and TropicSport sunscreen just in time for school!

 Watch the full coverage from Fox 5 News San Diego here

Pallavi Ramamurthy
Pallavi Ramamurthy

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