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January 17, 2018

What do Cystic Fibrosis and reef-safe sunscreen have in common? Until recently, nothing.

Earlier this year, I got to meet with the Director of the Mauli Ola Foundation, Hans Hagen. I was exploring the idea of partnering with them for the sunscreen brand, Tropic Sport. Tropic Sport had dedicated themselves to raising awareness of chemical based sunscreens and their impact on the environment through do-good surf therapies. The simplest idea was to have a pump bottle available on the beach for Mauli Ola events, but we really wanted to do something special for the world.

Hans mentioned a young girl by the name of Bree Labiak, who’s been participating in the Mauli Ola program for years. He said he’d been dying to take Bree on a surf trip and that her favorite surfer is Jamie O’Brien. And that’s when the lightbulb clicked on. We sent the two down to Nicaragua to Mukul resort, a 5-star hotel complete with surf guides, swimming pools, and offshore tubes out front. What followed was a trip that truly made a dream come true, but also spreads the Mauli Ola message.

Note: You can learn more about Mauli Ola and Tropic Sport’s efforts to raise funds to help Cystic Fibrosis patients here.

Amy June
Amy June

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