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October 31, 2018

Before I joined TropicSport, I had a predictable and boring skincare routine.

I have since abandoned my high-end facial moisturizer with SPF in it, since the active ingredients were all chemicals.  I now use TropicSport SPF30 on both my face and body – as do my three millennial daughters. I’m still working on getting them to wear sunscreen even in the winter – but what daughter listens to their mom?

When my girls asked me to restock their Cetaphil facial cleanser, I bought them some TropicSport facial cleanser instead. It foams nicely and has the smell of vacation. Funny, but they haven’t asked me to buy the other kind any more.  I know it’s gently removing the sunscreen, as well as the day of various activities… maybe my daughters do listen to me after all?

There’s one thing I did keep as my little secret.  My two favorite TropicSport products are the body wash and the facial scrub. And I keep them to myself in my shower.  It was early this Spring when I first noticed how fast my body wash in the shower was depleting.  A little goes a long way, and I don’t like to waste a drop of it.  So, I asked my husband if he had noticed my bottle tipped over or anything.  Since he’s a strict Irish Spring bar soap guy, I didn’t even imagine that he’d be that adventurous to try it.  Well, he said he had started using it a little bit at a time – all in the name of “research” for me.  He really liked how it smelled and didn’t dry his skin out.  He’s now a convert, and I just put a fresh bottle in the shower.

 My mystery was solved.  That is, until my daughter came home from college for the summer. Sure enough, I went to grab my facial scrub and neither that or my body wash were there.

“Where’s my TropicSport?”, I wailed.

Dripping wet, I walked through the upstairs hallway into my daughters’ shower where I found both my body wash and my facial scrub.  Geez…more please!

Nancy Loewe
Nancy Loewe

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