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November 29, 2019

Keeping Your Skin Protected During the Winter

As the days get shorter and the weather gets colder, we seek refuge beneath layers of clothing and spend more time inside. Since most of our skin is covered and we don’t venture outdoors as often, do we still need to wear sunscreen every day? Absolutely! In fact, a winter skincare routine that includes sunscreen is vital to keeping your skin healthy and slowing down the aging process.

Why Do I Need Winter Sunscreen?

In the winter, sunscreen is crucial for protecting your skin from UV rays, especially if you enjoy winter sports. The sparkling surface of the snow isn’t just pretty, it’s reflective, which means the sun is hitting your skin twice! Don’t be deceived by cloud cover either—UV rays can still get through and damage your skin even when it doesn’t feel warm and sunny. The same rule applies in both summer and winter: Never leave home without a good layer of sunscreen.

How to Create a Winter Skincare Routine

Both your summer and winter skincare routines should include a few basic elements: cleanser, sunscreen, and moisturizer. However, in the winter, it is important to change up the focus of your products. The chilly, windy air will quickly dry out your skin, advancing the development of wrinkles. During the winter months, moisture is your top priority! Try the following products and suggestions for optimal winter skincare.


When the weather gets colder, your skin gets drier, so you don’t want to use an astringent cleanser that targets oils. Opt for a gentle cleanser with extra moisturizing ingredients to keep your face fresh. TropicSport has askincare collection with all-natural ingredients that are great for adding moisture without any harsh chemicals.


Although many cosmetics contain some degree of sun protection, they are usually inadequate on their own. The best strategy is to apply a generous layer of sunscreen underneath your makeup, rather than rely solely on products that include sunscreen. It is also wise to use products with a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 30, especially if you plan to spend more than a few minutes outside. Athletes and those who engage in winter sports recreationally are particularly at risk for sun and wind damage and should choose abroad spectrum moisturizing sunscreen.


Avoid dry and itchy skin in the winter by using a soothing facial moisturizer with added vitamins, likethis moisturizing lotion from TropicSport. It is made with aloe, Vitamin E, and tropical oils for maximum hydration and gorgeous skin.TropicSport also has a body lotion made with Tucuma butter, aloe, and Vitamin E to moisturize your skin from head to toe. 

 Other Winter Skincare Tips

There are a few other ways you can ensure your skin stays young-looking and healthy all winter long. Add the following tips and tricks to your skincare routine for the best possible outcomes.

  • Take Shorter, Colder Showers: Staying under the hot water strips your body of its natural oils, which help lock in much-needed moisture. Turn the temperature down a little and try not to stay in as long.
  • Use a Humidifier: A humidifier will help keep the air indoors from getting too dry.
  • Drink More Water: Hydrating your body from the inside out does wonders for your skin!
  • Exfoliate Less: If your skin is really dry, skip the exfoliating. Otherwise, once a week is plenty to help your body absorb moisturizing products.
  • Try TropicSport

    TropicSport products are made with natural, cruelty-free ingredients and are a great addition to any skincare routine.Protect and replenish your skin year-round with TropicSport.
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